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Department of Energy, December 1987. 23. S. Department of Energy, Characteristics of Potential Repository Wastes, DOE/RW-0184 Vol. 1, App. 2A, July 1992. 24. O. W. -P. Renier, and C. V. , Oak Ridge Natl. , 1994. 25. S. M. Bowman, O. W. Hermann, and M. C. Brady, SCALE-4 Analysis of Pressurized Water Reactor Critical Configurations: Volume 2%Sequoyah Unit 2 Cycle 3, ORNL/TM-12294, Vol. , Oak Ridge Natl. , 1995. 26. S. M. Bowman and O. W. , Oak Ridge Natl. , 1995. 27. S. E. Turner, "An Uncertainty Analysis-Axial Burnup Distribution Effects," Proc.

A core model Unit No. 5% withdrawn APSR rod inside guide tube Water-filled guide tube 4. 0004, based on 2000 generations of 1000 neutrons per generation, for a total of 2 × 106 histories. 0026. 8 eV. Numerical experiments with a different starting random number and different starting source shape and location indicate that this solution is well converged and adequate source sampling achieved. (See ref. 1%) in keff. This effect is as would be anticipated, since angular fluxes throughout a reactor core would be expected to be relatively uniform except near the outer boundary of the core.

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