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Secondly, ribosome B concentration, which was increasing shortly after the introduction of the reduced pool, will cease to grow and will go through a maximum and subsequently decrease slowly. Ribosome BandmessengerM concentration reduction coupled with pool Pa reduction are the principal contributors to the reduced enzyme synthesis. 6) gradually adjust itself to a low level of growth. This is ANALYSIS OF THE GROWTH PROCESS 51 revealed by Observation of all functional entities in an extended time scale on the computer.

Under these conditions, in the following section we shall carry out the analysis of pool concentration effect on various functional entities. The special significance of this analysis lies in the fact that it will demonstrate whether the model-system has the ability to organize itself. a. The Effect of Pool Concentration on Growth Characteristics We shall first consider growth at various external pool concentrations. The pool P e effect can be followed with the aid of equation 16, Table III. The first term in this equation, k 18 EP e• is the generating term.

OL---~----~----~----L---~----~----~----L---~ 0 2 3 4 5 6 Fig. 20a. The effect of k 20 on transport RNA C. __ ___.. 8 Fig. 2la. The effect of k 20 on ribosome 8. the intermediate functional elements (complexes) were not adjusted for optimal performance. The model-system was still able to organize itself for growth. This indicates that the model-system has self-organizing characteristcs which are rather strong, and that it is able to adapt itself when transferred from one condition to another. However, since we were interested in studying the growth characteristics of individual functional elements in a more detailed manner in conditions which alter very rapidly, it was desirable that a further parameter adjustment be made, in order to reduce initial transients and ANALYSIS OF lHE GROWIH PROCESS 41 increase the useful observation time.

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