New PDF release: Amazing Animals Q & A

By David Burnie

ISBN-10: 0756629144

ISBN-13: 9780756629144

Full of eye-popping photos and much out proof, the entire questions you'll ever ask concerning the animal state are spoke back during this extraordinary relatives reference.

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These bright colors are only visible when the butterfly is in the air. Treehoppers 33 Curved claws hook onto branches Who has the most colorful face? The animal world is full of bright colors, specially in warm parts of the world. Brilliantly colored fish swim among coral reefs, and colorful insects and frogs live in tropical forests. Color helps animals to recognize their own kind, and to tell males and females apart. Mammals often have camouflage colors, but one monkey— the male mandrill—really stands out.

To reduce contact with hot desert sand, sidewinder snakes move by throwing their bodies through the air in a series of sideways leaps. Q Which bird has built-in sunshades? A Many birds do, and almost all of them live where it’s hot and dry. They include ostriches in Africa, and emus in Australia. Their “sunshades” are feathery eyelashes, which cut out the desert glare. The ground hornbill, an African bird with a bright red face, has the longest lashes. Eyelashes made of narrow feathers Emu 43 Who acts as a living water tank?

Who rolls up in a ball? Instead of running away from trouble, the pill millipede rolls up into a ball. It is protected by its hard body case, and its head and legs are safely tucked up inside. It stays like this until all seems to be quiet outside. Other animals that do this include hedgehogs, woodlice, and three-banded armadillos, which turn themselves into solid balls covered with rows of bony plates. Long ears are held upright but can be folded down 1 The millipede has a jointed body case that allows it to curl up into a tight ball when facing danger.

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