Albanian etymological dictionary by Vladimir Orel PDF

By Vladimir Orel

This quantity is a brand new compendium of Albanian etymology tracing millions of contemporary Albanian phrases again to their origins. It includes exact info at the Indo-European vocabulary preserved in Albanian in addition to on a variety of loanwords coming from historic Greek, Latin, early Romance and Slavic.

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II 180-181; DEMIRAJ AE 93-94. batis aor. batisa 'to press together'. Borrowed from Slav *batiti 'to beat', presently preserved in South Slavic only as SCr batiti 'to rebound, to jump away'. bathe f, pl. bathe 'broad bean'. Continues PAlb *batsa < IE *bhaka also preserved in Gk coccicij`dish of lentils', (Kock 'lentil' (MEYER Wb. 22, Alb. St. III 13, 33). 0 PEDERSEN KZ XXXVI 332; TAGLIAVINI Dalmazia 80; MANN Language XXVI 380; PISANI Saggi 118; JUCQUOIS Museon LXXVIII 445; POKORNY I 106; FRISK II 985; CHANTRAINE 1173, 1180; 20 BE BELBICE CAMAJ Alb.

II 368-370 (to mu/l& — mulle). bulb& m 'street dust'. Borrowed from Lat pulverem 'dust'. Note the bung m, pl. bunga 'kind of oak, Quercus sessiflora'. From PAlb 42 BURDHE BURRE *bun(i)ka derived from IE *bheu- `to grow' and closely related to Arm bun 'trunk' (cABEJ St. I 83, Etim. II 373-375). The Albanian word was borrowed to Rum hunget 'thicket'. 0 MEYER Wb. 54 (comparison with Slav *buky, *bukl, 'beech' which, however, is a Germanic loanword); BARK I 103 f. ); LA PIANA Studi I 102-103 (to Gk tpacyo; and Phryg Bayaioc); ACAREAN HAB I 483-484; MANN Language XXVI 387 (to OHG hunga lump'); POKORNY 1146-148; HAMP LB DC 117 (to the Indo-European name of 'beech' *bliagna); FRIEDRICH Trees 108; CAMAJ Alb.

For the semantic development in Albanian cf. Russ gon 'heat (of animals)' < gnat' to drive'. 0 MEYER Wb. 41-42 (to NGk umaiva)); TREIMER MRIW I 373-375 (to Germ Bahn `road'); BUGGE BB XVIII 174 (from Rom *disbina); BARK ARSt 6869 (from *bhoreja); JOKL IF XXXVII 103, 118 (related to mbaj, bie); LA PIANA St. ) `to frighten'); FRAENKEL 38; FRISK II 998-999; cABEJ St. I 73 (follows LA PIANA); DEMIRAJ AE 105-106. bolbd f 'accident, disaster, sorrow'. Borrowed from the otherwise unattested Slav *bolbba, derivative of *boh, 'pain' (KRISTOFORIDHI 487; SEL1SCEV Slay.

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