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Com send us your images! com send us your images! com page 37 Issue 061 January 2011 send us your images! com VFS animation & ViSual eFFectS alumni creditS include 9 Mike Dharney, Animator 2012 Jamie Bowers, Texture Artist | Zeke Norton, Previsualization Supervisor | Anuj Patil, Senior Technical Director | Christine Peterson, Digital Compositor 50 cent: Blood on the Sand (VG) Giorgio Bertolone, Creature Technical Director aliens in the attic Rex Ahn, Pre-Visualization Lead | Craig Calvert, CG Supervisor | Julianna Kolakis, Character Designer | Ben Sanders, Supervising Animator | Rommel Shamoun, Compositor | Noel Wright, Digital Compositor | Adam Yaniv, Animation Supervisor alvin & the chipmunks: the Squeakuel Nicholas Augello, Technical Animator | Christopher Downs, Technical Animator | Amy Lu, Animator | Adam Yaniv, Animation Supervisor amelia Armando Velazquez, Digital Compositor | Clement Yip, Animator america’s army 3 (VG) Matthew Turner, Artist angels & demons Craig Calvert, Pre-Visualization Artist | Jessica Wan, Lead Rotoscope Artist | Noel Wright, Digital Compositor armored Riley Benard, Digital Compositor | Yuta Shimizu, Visual Effects Artist astro Boy Andreas Hikel, Layout Artist | Kim Ooi, Animation Director avatar Michael Cozens, Lead Animator | Tamir Diab, Technical Director | Aaron Gilman, Character Animator | Alfredo Luzardo, Layout Technical Director | Ben Sanders, Animator the Beatles: rock Band (VG) Mike Krentz, UI Artist Brütal legend (VG) Marke Pedersen, Senior Artist case 39 Riley Benard, Digital Compositor | Craig Calvert, CG Supervisor | Matthias Lowry, Visual Effects | Fion Mok, Matchmove Artist | Teh-wei Yeh, Matchmove Artist cirque du Freak: the Vampire’s assistant Nicholas Augello, Technical Animator | Julianna Kolakis, Character Designer | Ai Saimoto, Lighting Lead cloudy with a chance of meatballs Andrew Lawson, Animator | Arun Ram-Mohan, Senior Color and Lighting Technical Director coraline Brian Demoskoff, Animator a christmas carol Kirk Chantraine, Motion Capture Technical Director | Joel Pennington, Motion Capture Technical Director | Shraga Weiss, Character Modeler Brent Wong, Character Modeler district 9 Neill Blomkamp, Director/Co-Writer | Jelmer Boskma, Modeler | Robert Bourgeault, Lighting Lead | Freddy Chavez, Visual Effects Compositor | Dominic Cheung, Lighting Technical Director | Paul Copeland, Visual Effects Artist | Anthony Di Ninno, Animator | Brian Harder, Creature Rigger | Bernhard Huber, Effects Animator | Brett Ineson, Motion Capture Supervisor | Steve Johnston, Render Wrangler | Patrick Kalyn, Animator | Bernhard Kimbacher, Visual Effects Data Coordinator/Compositor | Julianna Kolakis, Creature Texture Painter | Adam Marisett, Visual Effects Artist | Nikolai Michaleski, Compositor | Brendon Morfitt, Digital Artist | Fernando Pazos, Animator | Dan Prentice, Visual Effects Artist | Mike Rhone, Visual Effects Artist | Cesar Rodriguez Bautista, Digital Paint & Roto Artist | Cynthia Rodriguez del Castillo, Digital Paint & Roto Artist | Marc Roth, Visual Effects Artist | Derek Stevenson, Matchmove Lead | James Stewart, Creature Supervisor | Richard Sur, Lighting Technical Director | Anna Tonrungroj, Digital Compositor | Shawn Walsh, Visual Effects Executive Producer | Joey Wilson, Modeler/Texturer | Samson Wong, Matchmove Artist drag me to Hell Thomas Schelesny, Visual Effects Supervisor dragon age: origins (VG) Bobby Bath, Character/Creature Artist | Ryan Lim, Lead Creature Character Artist | Herbert Lowis, Artist | Brian Sum, Concept Artist | Nathan Zufelt, Cinematic Animator escape from Planet earth Giorgio Bertolone, Creature Technical Director | Anthony Di Ninno, Layout Artist | Craig George, Head of Story | Gary Hendry, Layout Artist | Nicholas Smolyn, Layout Artist eureka Anuj Patil, Lead Compositor | Mike Rhone, Visual Effects Artist Fast & Furious Ben Dishart, Texture Artist Armando Velazquez, Digital Compositor the Final destination David Yabu, Animator G-Force John Iskandar, Lighting and Compositing TD | Ken Kaiser, Animator | Hyun Chul Jung, Animator | Andrew Lawson, Animator | Phan Wiantrakoon, Animator Ghostbusters: the Video Game (VG) Giorgio Bertolone, Creature Technical Director | Winston Fan, Compositor | Harry Liu, Junior Motion Capture Editor | Jessica Mih, Modeler | Maya Zuckerman, Visual Effects Artist Gi Joe: the rise of cobra Jelmer Boskma, Modeler | Patrick Conaty, Digital Compositor | Ben Dishart, Texture Supervisor | Aruna Inversin, Digital Compositor | Julianna Kolakis, Concept Artist/Modeler | Sean Lewkiw, Visual Effects Artist | Tom Piedmont, Digital Artist | Jeremy Stewart, Senior Animator | Jeff Tetzlaff, Lead Modeler | Jessica Wan, Lead Rotoscope Artist Grey Gardens Armando Velazquez, Digital Compositor Halo 3: odSt (VG) Bartek Kujbida, Cinematic Animator Harper’s island Steve J.

Now there are artists alike. It’s said to have helped Rembrandt be placed so they threw a shadow outline onto several ways to begin with a portrait like this: figure out depth and proportions, and can be the canvas, or the preliminary sketch for a piece seen in various Da Vinci sketches as well, was perforated along the lines with a fine needle mainly to help with perspective. The best thing and then the paper was placed on the canvas is that it’s really easy to do! All you need to do is and covered in fine charcoal dust, which would place a grid layer over the photo and the same go through the holes and stick to the canvas.

Another quick and effective composition technique is basically having your image layout follow certain shapes, like a circle, cross, square, triangle, oval etc. By repeating those shapes to create a rhythm and a hierarchy in your image, it holds your eye inside those shapes and leads it more directly to a payoff spot. 08 I used ovals to create a spiraling effect leading to the train, which is the focal point of the image, but I made sure I included the train stop as well. It made the image more dynamic and gave a sense of movement to the train.

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